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Unleash your team's
with Mojo

Self-development and wellbeing start with mindset. Help your team develop the mindset tools to perform, lead and grow your business.

Build Connection

Encourage your team to discover their authentic self and better connect with others.

Drive Performance

Build the mindset skills required for a modern day high-performing culture.

Deliver Results

Unlock employee potential to deliver business results.

employees know who they are and aren’t afraid to be
with themselves or others.

They are less likely to fall into leaderships hazards like imposter syndrome or leading with “I”, are better equipped to handle ambiguity and perform under pressure, ultimately contributing to and building a team-centric culture.

By investing in your employees’ wellbeing and developing this confidence, you put your organisation at a distinct competitive advantage, both culturally and commercially.

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Everyone learns and trains


That's why Mojo for Work includes a varied range of content formats to suit different styles including podcasts, videos and short and long-form exercises.

The Mojo Crowe App

Your team has access to the full suite of Mojo content where they can explore Mojo principles and challenge their thinking in a relatable, inspiring and motivational way. From podcasts, videos, 60+ minute masterclasses or shorter form exercises called Innerventions, our content covers relevant key topics so everyone can find an a-ha moment.

The Confidence Workshops

Three interactive sessions covering the three Mojo Confidences:

1. Self-Confidence
2. Leadership Confidence
3. Performance Confidence

Ranging from 60-90 minutes, all workshops include structured exercises and are designed to facilitate discussions amongst team members.

The Mindset Course

Once your employees are familiar with the Mojo mindset principles, go deeper with the Mindset Course to explore three of life's biggest questions - Who am I, What do I want and How do I get there? Across 17 exercises, your team will dive into 3 distinct mindsets to get to know their purpose, values and put in place a practical operating system to help them reach their potential.


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