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The Mojo App with Ben Crowe, Dylan Alcott, and Stephanie Gilmore
Ready to go on a life-changing journey?
Helping you shift your perspective to find confidence and happiness
Go all in with our Mojo Mindset Course
You can't work out what you want until you work out who you are.
The Mojo Mindset course and App helps you figure out the answers to these questions in a simple, practical way.
The course mirrors the same 1:1 journey Ben Crowe has taken many of the world’s top professional athletes, performers and business leaders on to achieve ‘success’. Delivered through a series of self-paced exercises and interactive videos, it’s just like having your very own mindset coach in your pocket.
3 Chapters. 17 Exercises. 1 goal... to find your mojo.
Chapter 1
Who Am I?
Chapter 2
What Do I Want?
Chapter 3
How Do I Get There?
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Our Mojo Content Membership
Your mind is like a muscle. The more you train it the stronger it gets.
Whether you like to learn through podcasts, videos, deep-dive masterclasses or single practical exercises, this membership will bring you weekly content to continue exploring the mojo principles and to challenge your thinking.
You don’t just go to the gym once for your physical health - same goes for your mind.
Our range of original content includes:
Thank God You Asked That
Car Chats
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Innerventions: a quick way to flip your perspective
Designed for those moments you’re feeling a little stuck, lost or unmotivated, Mojo Innerventions are simple, practical exercises you can do on the spot. Think of these as an intervention for your inner-self to flip your perspective and unlock your potential in moments.
Whether you’re lacking motivation or need to tap into your performance mindset ahead of an exam or big meeting, Innerventions are here to help you connect the dots between why you’re feeling stuck and where to draw from.
Innervention Photo
~ 19 MIN
Ever feel like you wish you could just “snap out of it”? Perhaps it’s feeling disgruntled at all the things you’re “expected” to do, or overwhelmed that you’ll never reach your goals or dreams. Our Perspective Innervention is designed for those exact moments, with the aim to help you take control of your perspective and shift it from one of…
  • Expectation to appreciation
  • Vulnerability as a weakness to vulnerability as a strength
  • Defining success based on caring what people think of us to what we think of ourselves and the impact we have on others
In 6 short and practical steps, learn how to get back into the perspective driver’s seat and see, find and own all the good in ourselves and the world.
Innervention Photo
~ 21 MIN
One-off purchase or included with Mindset Membership
Coming Soon to your Mojo App!

Everyone in the world is in search of Confidence. But what often holds us back in life is not confidence in our skills but confidence in ourselves… and that’s called Self-Confidence.

In this Innervention, we unlock the two pillars to building Self-Confidence - known as self-acceptance and self-belief. In doing so, we eliminate the barriers holding us back from owning our story and living a life true to ourselves.

In a set of 8 practical steps, learn Mojo’s ABC formula to unlocking Self-Confidence (these ABC’s look a little different to what you learnt in school)!

Innervention Photo
~ 28 MIN
One-off purchase or included with Mindset Membership
Coming Soon to your Mojo App!

Whether you’re an athlete preparing for the big game, a student studying for an exam or an executive preparing for a big presentation, we all have those moments where we experience performance anxiety.

In this Innervention, we’ll dive into they key principles of performance. How focusing our attention on the things we can’t control can cause this anxiety, however by shifting this focus to things we can control, we can manage this and unlock our a-game and the best version of us, no matter the performance.

In 7 steps, learn the steps to approach your performance goal with a high-performance mindset.

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About Us
To inspire the world to learn how to be a good human-being first and a great athlete* second.
*if you play, have fun & compete... you're an athlete
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We partner with organisations to roll out a people-first, actionable approach to increase engagement, develop leadership and tackle burnout.

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The Mojo Course first chapter, Who am I and the motivations exercise.
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