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Our Purpose
To inspire the world to learn how to be a good human-being first and a great athlete* second.
*if you play, have fun & compete... you're an athlete
Our Vision
A world where humans are better connected with their authentic self and therefore with others.
Our Mission
Create experiences through workshops, content and exercises that educate and inspire people to find their mojo.
Who we are
Imagine a place everyone could go to help reclaim their life story. A place that has helped current world-class professional athletes create a humble confidence off the field and a competitive advantage on it. A place that celebrates a deep focus on authenticity, vulnerability, connection and storytelling, no matter who you are.
Mojo Crowe's core philosophy is built on the foundation of three mindsets - Connection, Purpose and Performance - which answer three core questions; Who am I?, What do I want? and How do I get there?
The answer to these questions helps everyday humans embrace their imperfections, develop unconditional self-worth and build an internal philosophy that balances achievement with fulfilment and confidence with happiness.
Why we built the Mojo Crowe App
The simplest, easiest way to spread Mojo Crowe's formula for happiness and confidence was through the Mojo Crowe App, launched in July 2021.
The course mirrors the same journey that Ben takes his high-profile clients on and includes a range of exercises and learnings to help build a perspective that focuses on the human-being over the human-doing, the controllables over the uncontrollables and intrinsic motivations over extrinsic motivations.
The course has been designed for both the wider community and organisations as part of their employee well-being and development programs.
Learn more about our app
Ben Crowe at the Mojo offices with the company's vision in the background.
Ben Crowe, Mojo's Founder
Known for being the mindset coach and performance coach to the world's number 1 and recently retired tennis player, Ash Barty, Ben works with CEOs, executives and coaches from around the world as well as 2022 Australian of the Year, Dylan Alcott, world surfing champion, Stephanie Gilmore and 3 times AFL Premiers, Richmond Football Club.
Read more about Ben Crowe
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